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Highly Effective Ingredients
Õra Silcapelli’s exclusivity is in its highly effective ingredients, as it is formulated with the coherent consideration to the sensitivity and the stability of the scalp and hair. It, therefore, sustains its quality and purity, thus making it worthwhile, beneficial and safe to use. Cheap and quality, uk noob factory rolex fake watches with best movements are suited for men and women.

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Finest Raw Materials
Õra Silcapelli’s products are made from the richest and finest raw materials. It also introduces the importance of oils that treat the hair thoroughly before washing. Functional exact uk copy watches on amazon with high quality for men - Rolex, TAG Heuer and Breitling.

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Head Office
Avenue des Baumettes 17,
1020 Renens,


Kaslik Main Road, KBC center,
8th Floor, Kaslik, Lebanon.

[T] 09 63 72 60
[M] 76 76 87 10
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New Salata 40, Ali Bin Abi Taleb 820 street,
Villa 77, Facing Omar Bin al Khatab
health center, Doha,

[T] 44 65 35 37 - 44 65 33 79 - 44 58 13 52
[F] 44 65 33 82

Um Loukhba 31, street 876,
Villa 27, behind Landmark, Doha, Qatar,

[T] 44 58 13 48 - 44 11 25 01

[F] 44 58 1335
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 We are franchising!

• Õra Silcapelli is now selling in Lebanon and Qatar.
• Õra Silcapelli is part of the Bioswiss family.
• Õra Silcapelli includes a hair spa which is very rare in the hair beauty market.


For details, contact:


EB Holding,

Renens 1020,

Avenue des Baumettes 17,


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