An evolutionary range of specific treatments dedicated to all types of hair and is fully adaptable to each capillary problem: Dry, greasy, thin, hair fall, and dandruff. Ranging from the oil-rich nutrients leading to intense nutrition, moving on towards the anti-dandruff lotion or lotion anti-fall which revives and amplifies the roots, and last but not least, the irrefutable “finishing” touch, which is a care process that facilitates brightness and vitality to your hair.

Dissolve your senses into our highly distinctive ranges exclusively with Õra Silcapelli.
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Heals dry hair
Mends greasy hair
Recuperates thin hair
A still end to hair loss
The dandruff purifier
Rejuvenating all types of hair
The Final Shiny Touch
The absolute finish
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Avenue des Baumettes 17,
1020 Renens,


Kaslik Main Road, KBC center,
8th Floor, Kaslik, Lebanon.

[T] 09 63 72 60
[M] 76 76 87 10
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